Owning a business and working for someone: The Responsibilities

Entrepreneurship has evolved in present times as regards what it was some years back. Nowadays some people resign from their jobs to start a business while some are comfortable leaving school just to start a business. These categories of individuals ponder greatly if owning a business is right or wrong for them. Well, this article might just be a breakthrough for you as it contains the responsibilities of a business owner and the responsibilities of an employee. You can then choose which of them will be best for you based on your strengths.

Business owners

If you are in charge of grooming a business, then you are bound to be at the forefront of making decisions that would benefit the company as well as sorting out the needs of your subordinates and employees.

When starting a business, you will need to find basic supplies business companies that you can patronize. However, it is important you read reviews about them on us-reviews.com to know the office supplies you will need and the companies you should buy them from. Some of the responsibilities of owning a business are outlined below:

Making decisions

As a business owner, you are left to solely make concrete decisions that would lead to the growth of the business. Decisions concerning your market strategy or type of employee to recruit would be left to you to make. The decision you make will surely reflect in the running of the business.

Executing your vision

As a business owner, you are poised with the responsibility of making and executing your vision. You have to consider the pros and cons of establishing either a long-term or short-term vision for the progress of the company.

The ability to sustain the business, recruit reliable staff, as well as proper management of your resources, are some of the factors to be considered when you want to start up a business. You have to come up with solid strategies to keep the business running.

The growth of the business is also entirely up to you. Although you can’t do it alone, the bulk of the work is on you. Also, any liability incurred in the business is on you, so do well to raise enough capital and invest more.

Working for someone

When you are working for someone, you are required to execute your responsibilities regarding the business. Although the employees work according to the description of their jobs, some of the responsibilities of those working for someone include:


As a good employee, adhering to the company’s rules and regulations is very important as some task might be given to you which is not part of your daily routine. Your employer will require you to work according to their settings.

You also need to play along with their schedules and routine timings. This is better for those that dedicate a part of the day to work. As a good employee, proactiveness would also be required of you, that is you have the freedom to think of ways that would benefit the company.

In conclusion, you have the final decision to make as to if you want to run your own business or if you want to be an employee. If you are still on the edge, you have to ponder about the things you can do in your present situation if there are a lot of options to choose from. You can also think about working a job for someone till you come up with a long-term idea. If not, you have to pass through the hurdles of owning a business to get one.