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Alzheimer’s Care: Understanding Memory Loss

As our parents get older, we often start to notice that they are forgetting to do simple daily activities or even forgetting things from the past. This memory loss can lead to Alzheimer’s or dementia. While memory loss is common with seniors, it is does not happen in all (or even most) cases. Most people can cite examples of elderly loved ones they know who are in their late 80s or even into their 90s and still have vivid memories going all the way back to their childhood.

The fact that some elderly people have been able to retain sharp memories while others experience memory loss has led scientists to study memory loss in further detail in hopes of discovering what physical and mental factors contribute to loss of memory and what is necessary to prevent it. So far, scientists have made some interesting findings.


When Does Memory Loss Begin?

Scientists believe that memory loss begins in most people toward the end of middle age and as they approach retirement. During this period, the brain begins to lose cells at a rate of 1% per year. 1% may not seem like much, and at first it may not be …

Top Techniques for Enlargement for Men

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis. They may wish to increase the length of their penis or the width, but are not sure what any of the penis enlargement techniques are. There are many options when it comes to penis enlargement that can help you get the length and width that you desire.


Penis Stretching for Length

One of the best methods for penis enlargement relates to the length of the penis. Penis stretching can help to elongate the penis. With this method, the man uses his hands to “massage the tissues” along the penis according to Healthline. This will stretch the skin because of the micro tear process. When you stretch the skin, the tissue forms micro-tears that will then heal. While healing, the penis appears to be longer.

This method, however, only works well when it is practiced consistently. You should practice penis stretching once per day when flacid for best results. To practice, take the head and pull it upward for ten seconds before pulling it to the left and then the right for ten seconds. Continue this pulling and stretching method once per day for five to ten minutes.