A Guide to Buying a Woman’s Watch

Compared to other presents scribbled when looking for a present for her, a watch is a sentimental item that can last for some time. Therefore, it is all the more reason to choose a perfect timekeeper. To make sure that your event does not end in a dud, take a look at the following factors you should consider when shopping for a lady’s watch;

  • Reflect on Taste 

The first crucial rule for gift-giving when it comes to watches is never give a present that does not suit your taste. At the same time, you should not be blind about it. Currently, Ladies watches are diverse compared to a few years back. With that said, there are more mechanical watches than ever. Today, there are also gold dominated and flashy watches. Consider these differences when shopping for a watch to gift a woman.

  • Utilize Indicators

If you are not sure about the type of watch you are looking for, use the lady’s jewelry or any other fashion accessories. These can serve as indicators. Also, if the lady does not own a watch, the piece of jewelry can help figure out the right watch for her. It is not just a good giveaway to some of her tastes but also a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Play Safe 

One solid piece of advice when gifting a woman with a watch is to avoid unnecessary risks. The major challenge is pulling off a wrong taste. Of course, unless you are sure that the lady will love an unusual design, it is safe to avoid gaudy colors. Also, another rule of thumb is getting tired of the ornament. The watch should not be part of the ornaments that go down the drain.

  • Be Attentive on Style and Size 

In the current generation, women like to wear big watches as well. Nevertheless, unless you have an idea of a certain size preference, avoid winging it. With that said, a lady’s watch can measure about 33 millimeters. Even so, it can be heavily independent depending on the size and style. Some of the questions you should answer include;


Is the watch you intend to buy going to be worn every day? Aside from that, you should keep in mind her preferred dressing style as it can help you choose the right watch for her.

  • Consider the Right Model

Many brands of watches have fleshed out a huge renommee for the development of high end watches for women. Some of the famous models include Ballon Bleu and Santos. There are also a variety of watches under different brands to look when shopping for a woman.

  • Be Cautious and Prepared 

Irrespective of the platform you decide to buy the watch from, whether on the internet or your local jeweler, there are a few factors you should consider. Ensure that the strap is of the right size. Also, consider the metal links by ensuring that they are of high quality.




Versatility in women’s watches says a lot about taste and style. To make the right choice of watch, consider referring to the above points.