Want Cooking Cake Without Oven? Here the Recipe!

Today many people love to make cakes. And they on average want to make cakes the easy way and do not need much equipment. On the internet or in magazines, now many cake recipes are found without a lot of cooking equipment. Of course, if you have never tried will feel strange and strange. How to make a cake without using the oven? Of course, the cake will not expand or crunch. These are negative thoughts or lazy to try new ones from people who have never tried it before. Though it could have been to use other objects other than the oven to be able to cook your pastry cake-like with the steamed or by using a rice cooker. The result is not as bad as imagined, already many people who have tried it. You can visit “simple cake recipe without oven” to find more delicious recipe cookies which are easy to cook.


One of the practical oven cake recipes is how to make chocolate cake. Chocolate is a sweet food that most people love. Some even say eating chocolate can relieve stress in your mind. It turned out that chocolate cake can also be made without using oven lot! Here’s a recipe for making a chocolate cake without using an oven:


Practical Chocolate Cake Without Practical


225 grams Dark chocolate

225 grams of thick cream

1 teaspoon salt to taste

Cocoa powder to taste.


Well, after all the ingredients collected, now is the time you cook chocolate cake without oven. How to make a recipe without an oven is easy enough, you do not need a headache and follow the steps in making chocolate cake.


How to Make a Cooking Recipe Without a Practical Oven

Prepare a baking dish that is approximately 15 cm long, then spread with butter until evenly so as not to stick. Because if not smeared butter later the cake will be difficultly lifted from the pan.

Heat water in a saucepan and place a bowl over it to melt its chocolate as long as the water is boiling.

On the other hand, you heat too thick cream until it’s really thick and ripe. When cooked, add a little salt on thick cream.

When thick cream gets hot, pour the melted chocolate on top. Then stir until completely uniform and mixed perfectly.

Pour into pan and then spread evenly. Cover pan with plastic wrap or plastic wrap, then put in the refrigerator. Let stand for 5 hours. If more than that there will be no problem.

After removal from the refrigerator, let stand 10 minutes and remove the cake from the pan. After that sprinkle the cake with cocoa powder.


Easy instead of making it? And do not forget, if you make this cake must use quality butter. Because with quality butter will add delicious flavor and nutritional content in your cake. Recipe cake without an oven is indeed very easy to do at home. You can do it anytime you want.