Top Techniques for Enlargement for Men

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis. They may wish to increase the length of their penis or the width, but are not sure what any of the penis enlargement techniques are. There are many options when it comes to penis enlargement that can help you get the length and width that you desire.


Penis Stretching for Length

One of the best methods for penis enlargement relates to the length of the penis. Penis stretching can help to elongate the penis. With this method, the man uses his hands to “massage the tissues” along the penis according to Healthline. This will stretch the skin because of the micro tear process. When you stretch the skin, the tissue forms micro-tears that will then heal. While healing, the penis appears to be longer.

This method, however, only works well when it is practiced consistently. You should practice penis stretching once per day when flacid for best results. To practice, take the head and pull it upward for ten seconds before pulling it to the left and then the right for ten seconds. Continue this pulling and stretching method once per day for five to ten minutes.


Penis Stretching for Width

If girth is what you are after, then we recommend taking a different approach to penis stretching. This technique is called jelqing and it aims to make your penis thicker. With this technique, take your hand and form an “O” and put this “O” around the base of your penis, next to your pubic bone. Then slowly move your “O” shape up towards the tip of your penis. As you move along, keep the “O” tight and apply lots of pressure. With this technique, you should apply pressure for approximately twenty to thirty minutes every day. It usually takes a few months to see results and you have to be consistent with stretching to reach those results.


Surgical Penis Enlargement Options

If penis stretching does not produce the results you desire, then it’s time to consider penis enlargement surgery. To widen the penis, surgeons can add silicone, fat or tissue grafts to create a thicker membrane. To lengthen the penis, surgeons can cut the ligament that runs from the pelvic bone to the penis. This will show more of the penis than was previously shown. Making the length of the penis more visible often helps men feel better about the length of their shaft.

There are side effects and risks associated with surgical penis enlargement options. It is recommended to first practice stretching exercises and then meet with a board-certified surgeon if you desire more dramatic results. The surgeon can evaluate your current status as well as give you accurate expectations about how much girth or length can be achieved through surgical options. Interested in learning more about penis enlargement? Contact us for more details. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about how to widen or lengthen the appearance of your penis.