Six Ideas for Original Residential Shelving

If you are looking to add some shelving space to your home, it can be difficult to find something which is unique rather than the same styles found in homes across the world. With that in mind, here are some original shelving ideas that might suit your home.

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When searching for the right shelving, you could play it safe and go for one of the world most popular options in Ikea’s Billy Bookcase, or you may want to find something that is more unique. If you are a dab hand at DIY, these are some simple options which are entirely customisable.


Repurposed crates are quickly becoming a popular item due to their ability to be made into almost anything. From seating to planters, crates have the advantage of being already assembled, which makes the job much easier. For shelving, add whichever finish suits your space and then install individually or stack on top of each other depending on how much storage space you would like.

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Corner shelving can be harder to come across, but by fixing three boards together, you can make the perfect book corner for your kids.


This option would add the perfect nautical touch to a bathroom or bedroom. Add your finish to your boards and then thread thick rope through a drilled hole at either end, making sure to tie a secure knot underneath, before hanging in place.


Whilst not often found in residential shelving Ireland has seen a small influx of metal used for décor within the home. It’s a simple option, yet one that is durable and can be customised to suit your colour scheme. For residential shelving Ireland may just be ahead of the curve.


This might not suit the style of everyone, but it does create a unique shelving option. Using a vintage style suitcase, first seal it shut and then cut it horizontally in half. You can mount these to a wall or create a feature wall by using multiple suitcases together.


If you prefer not to attach your shelving to the wall, this option is perfect. Saw planks of wood into equal sizes and then add your finish. You can then add bricks or decorative blocks in between each shelf for a great shelving option without the use of screws.