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When first moving to a new place, especially if you’re moving right after school or after having lived with others for a long period file6991288045838of time, like your college roommates perhaps or maybe you’ve just left mom and dad’s place, you are missing a key element of making a place “home.” Once you get a home of your own, your very first one, you need to get yourself some furniture.

It’s an important part of being a grown up. Eating off of an actual table instead of a plate on your lap does wonders for making you feel less like an animal and more like a contributing member of society! But with just a few dollars in your pocket, new rent, and bills to pay, it can be difficult to decide on which furniture to buy first since you probably can’t afford to go down to your home furniture stores and purchase an entirely new apartment worth of furnishings.

Your local furniture stores can be great resources for helping you with this problem. Sometimes they can point you in the direction of certain sales. They can show you that you can purchase a bed AND a sofa without breaking the bank.

There is also a certain measure of personal preference involved in knowing what to purchase first. Bed furniture stores would be my first stop as everyone needs a place to lay their weary head at the end of a long day. But maybe you’d rather pick up a comfortable sofa for gaming, lounging, or sleeping. If you’re an aspiring chef, it might behoove you to purchase a great dining room table for entertaining. A good dinette set can be easily found at Long Island furniture stores.

Once you figure out what order you’d like to purchase your furniture in, you need to start thinking of style. You’re not in college anymore; you can have people over and have them sit on milk crates. But don’t worry; you don’t need to break the bank here either. Getting a few key pieces at affordable furniture stores can make your apartment look like a dream. If you buy a great entertainment center, people won’t notice that they’re sitting on a hand me down couch.

Don’t forget the accessories! Buying furniture isn’t enough. What’s the use in getting a really nice leather living room set if no one can see it? Make sure you invest in classic looking, heavy duty lamps that will last you a long time.

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